Defining the Finish

Good original finish
Items in this condition have very good patina (color) and a finish with very few scratches and blemishes. Remember antiques are old, if you were 100 years old you would have some defects also. These pieces are sold in as-is condition.

Restored furniture would be furniture that needs some attention. The piece could need structural repair, veneer repairs, reproduced parts or hardware. The finish of the piece might need some color toning and a thinned over-coat of finish sprayed over the entire piece to show more depth of color in the wood.

Completely Refinished
This by far is the most time consuming of all the categories. These are pieces we feel would definitely increase in value and improve the appearance by replacing the finish. Refinishing would include hand stripping, structural gluing, all repairs, grain and defect filling, staining, sealing and finishing of all wood surfaces. Please remember we are third generation refinishers, our workmanship is second to none.

To be Restored or Refinished
These are newly acquired items that need to be either restored or completely refinished. The pictures are before any work has been performed and the prices reflect the completed cost. If you purchase a piece in this category, you can have an input in color selection and finish. We can easily match other furniture in your home. Email or call us for information.

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